Archive: Nov 2012

1 million families hit by child benefit cuts

Beginning on the 7th of January 2013, the government will begin to cut, or withdraw altogether, child benefit in families where an adult earns over £50,000 per annum.  From this week HMRC is sending out letters this week to a million child benefit recipients.  The letters warn that they could lose some or all of their child benefit next year if they or their partner’s earnings are above that limit.

Although this will no doubt be a big hit to some families, there are ways that forest accountants can help.  For example you could increase your workplace pension payments – which, while potentially decreasing your net pay, will allow you to retain your benefits.  It’s just a mater of finding the right balance, and a free consultation with one of our chartered accountants is a great place to start.  Just get in touch to find out how you can earn smarter, live better.

Tesco fined £115,000 in UKBA bust

UK supermarket giant Tesco have been fined £115,000 after a UKBA (UK Border Agency) raid.  Authorities swooped on a warehouse in Croydon to find a number of illegal workers.  Many of the workers were in the UK on student visas – the allowance for these visas is usually 20 working hours per week maximum.

Tesco will no doubt be reviewing some internal practices, but for the rest of us it highlights how a slip up can come at a huge cost.  There’s a danger of being caught out around such simple points as keeping up to date visa records.

How do you track your employee / candidate details and are your systems robust enough?  Forest umbrella utilizes software that has over 1 million candidates live on any given week.  The visa tracking is robust and you can rest assured that the rest of your concerns – insurances,  tax and NI, AWR and all the other employment responsibilities are handled professionally too.  To find out how you can benefit from a partnership with forest, just get in touch today.