Archive: Feb 2013

Forest group adds financial planning arm

Building on the success of the umbrella and accounting businesses, forest has added a financial planning arm to the group.

Speaking with group commercial director, Jovan Pavlicevic, we heard some detail on new team members and the new business.  Pavlicevic commented:   “It’s been a long time in the making, and we’ve just received the exciting news that we’ve ticked all the right boxes with the FSA.  The financial planning business is a beautiful fit with the rest of the group and rounds out our product suite perfectly – we’re looking forward to continued growth through 2013.  We saw a strong finish to 2012, highlighted by the addition to the board of Luke White.  Luke is highly qualified (Ba Bus & Econ, PFA, CeFA) and has taken on responsibility for heading up our accounting business, and launching forest financial planning.”

As an FSA registered and regulated financial adviser, forest financial planning will help you to:

Create an holistic financial plan to grow you toward your short, medium and long-term aspirations
Optimise your earnings with compliant, tax efficient structures
Advise on your insurance requirements
Maximise available tax breaks and allowances (ISA’s, pensions, Capital Gains, and more)
Source a mortgage – even for those with difficult requirements – whether you live in the UK or overseas
Plan your taxes if you’re an expat
Build a low-cost, diversified investment portfolio around your specific needs, including a diverse set of asset classes like equity, bonds, property, hedge funds, commodities, and more…

Ultimately, we’ll be taking care of your financial well-being,meaning you can live the life you want to live.  Like all forest clients, you’ll enjoy being able to earn smarter, live better.

Book your consultation with a qualified, regulated adviser now to get the ball rolling toward your better financial future.  Simply call 0845 459 4099, or contact us by clicking here.


How will RTI impact recruiters?

Forest umbrella is already up and running with RTI.

HMRC are currently trialling RTI – Real Time Information.   Due to become law in April 2013, HMRC’s RTI will usher in a new way of reporting PAYE.  It means that employers and pension providers will have to inform HMRC about PAYE payments at the time they’re made, as part of the payroll process. Payroll software will have to collect the necessary information and send it to HMRC online.

As part of our commitment to staying ahead of the curve, forest have already completed implementation of real time information.  Our application to the HMRC pilot was successful, and we were one of the first UK employers to go live.  Our partner recruitment agencies have benefited tremendously from this – another way we lessen the burden for our clients.

Real time information will have an impact on your payroll team.  We love hearing from SME’s and recruitment consultancies, so for more information and to learn how we can help, contact us on 0845 459 4099 or click here to contact us.