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What agencies need to know about changes in April 2016

The last few years have seen a raft of changes impacting the temporary labour supply chain. Forest have worked long and hard, and invested in top level advice to ensure our approach is compliant. We’ve produced this whitepaper for our clients, to help them understand the new approach and to interpret what the new rules of the game mean. Our MD, Jovan Pavlicevic commented:

The government’s direction of travel been clear for a long time. The process of shaping the labour supply chain through legislative direction has been a bit like herding cats for HMRC, as they patch a tax system that resembles a leaking lifeboat.

However, our prediction is that this is where the market will settle now for a number of years. The rules have grown tighter, in essence removing a number of tax incentives. The result is that this April, HMRC will have achieved their goals. The marketplace is hemmed in on all sides by the likes of GAAR and TAAR, debt transfer and director’s liabilities, making it very high-risk for anyone to circumvent the rules.

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