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Award winning customer service

We think we’re great. But don’t take our word for it – take it straight from the horse’s mouth. Check out the feedback from the forest fanclub below. Agencies, candidates and business owners from startups to PLC’s – feel the love!


Forest has become an integral part of our business. The exceptional level of personal service and unconditional commitment gave us the confidence to leave it to them. Our candidates are happy and our accounts team love them. Unbeatable in my book!”

Fred Rademeyer | MD | Egoli Group UK | www.egoligroup.com

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“Forest is a great partner to our business in terms of the advice and insight into the regulatory changes in the contract market. Also, most importantly, they have consistently, reliably and professionally managed our contractors.”

Tim Hedger | MD | Poolia | www.poolia.co.uk

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We first used forest when we needed our contractors paid in a compliant and efficient structure whilst working to a four day deadline to get them all switched over from another payroll, and paid. Forest achieved this seamlessly and now provide us with an ongoing transparent service that gets our contractors more money, and us better margins and a competitive advantage.”

Jim O’Brien | MD | Change Group | www.thechangegroup.com

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“As a business we’ve benefitted by partnering with forest. Reduced costs allow us to be more competitive, and our candidates and staff alike enjoy compliant products and great customer service.”
Gavin Warner| Director | Sheridan Maine | www.sheridanmaine.com



“Your company have been great to me and your customer service is excellent.  I will always recommend my friends to you.  There will be a couple more coming on board in the next couple of months who really aren’t happy with their current services. Have a great weekend and a big thank you to everyone at forest.”
Contractor accounting client

“I have a friend looking for contract work who wants to set up an umbrella company account like what I have. I was boasting about how awesome forest was, do you think you could help her?”
Umbrella candidate

“Thanks again for all your help! Forest have been awesome.”
Umbrella relocation candidate

“Thanks for all the hard work and investigation to get this over the line and sorted properly…  I am confident you have captured all the information and so am happy to sign.”
SME business owner, accounting client

“Thank you so much for all your help through my contracting time. I think you and the entire team at forest are great and I will be sure to be in contact again when I return to the UK next year.”
Umbrella candidate

“Thanks for all your help yesterday – crystal clear- you explained everything really well and it was very helpful.”
Financial planning client

“Forest’s services are great, and you’ve been more than helpful with all my queries. Will definitely be recommending your company!”
Umbrella candidate

“I don’t know if I will have opportunity to ‘pay back’ the help you provide me but for sure I will be recommending you for any contractor I know.”
Contractor accounting candidate

“You’ve been fantastic, a big thanks for your help and patience. Sorry to have burdened you with so many emails and queries. It was all new to me but I think I am almost there.”
Business owner

“Starting a new business for the first time is an overwhelming experience. Forest has the expertise and professionalism to guide and support me with every aspect of my business requirements. They have consistently provided me with excellent service, and are always efficient and pleasant to do business with.”
Business startup accounting client