The AWR (Agency Workers Regulations) ensure that agency workers have the same rights as permanent staff.  The regulations outline two different sets of rights – day one rights and week twelve rights – but probably the one that everyone is most focussed on is the right to equal pay! The AWR ensure that all temps receive pay equal to that of their permanent counterparts.

Day one rights:

From day one of an assignment every temp has the right to be informed of any relevant vacancies within a hirer’s organisation, and to have access to collective facilities provided by the hirer.

Week twelve rights:

Once a temp has worked on the same assignment for 12 weeks, they are to be treated, in terms of pay and employment conditions, as if they had been employed directly by the end hirer.

Who does it affect?

In a way, the AWR affect us all.  Temps and perms, local businesses and huge multi-nationals, recruitment agencies and umbrellas – we’re all in it together.  In the UK, temps have traditionally always been paid more than permanent counterparts anyway, so the AWR are really just putting a legal binding around the status quo.

Should I panic?

No!  For the most part, it’s been true in the UK for a very long time that temps actually get paid at better rates than their permanent counterparts anyway.  This notwithstanding, we (end hirers, recruiters and umbrellas) now have a responsibility to ensure that  this is the case, and Forest ensures that all the relevant AWR information is gathered and stored correctly to maintain compliance with the regulations.

What will Forest do to help?

This page is meant only to serve as a quick guide, touching on a few key points and assisting someone who wants to know about the AWR at a basic level.  If you want to go into more detail, please drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to do so.  We’ve taken sound legal counsel from experts in the field so you, your candidates and your end clients can benefit from our experience and expertise.