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Less hassle, more pay!

We outsource employment, payroll and compliance for agency workers. We employ you, pay you, and sort out all your tax and NI, meaning you don’t have to. We give you consolidated, long term employment, covering multiple agencies and assignments. No more gaps, no more P45s or secondary tax… With industry leading solutions, and friendly, qualified experts only a phone call away, you’re in great hands. Don’t take our word for it though – check out what our clients have to say about us!

For contractors

Taking on some agency work?

It’s a good choice, and a common way of working in the UK. Now we need to consider what to do with all the money that’ll be coming in. PAYE? Umbrella? Limited company? There are a range of options for you, and forest will help you find the best way forward.

We’re a qualified accounting firm. We’re also an FCA regulated firm of financial advisers. What that means is that you’re in safe hands with well qualified experts.

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How does forest help me?

  • full PAYE employment
  • online portal
  • SMS pay advice
  • full payslips
  • claim legitimate expenses, including site-to-site travel
  • £13 million insurance package
  • full contract of employment
  • free same day payments

How do I get up and running?

Register online now and we’ll have you up and running in no time.  You’re welcome to stop in and speak with us or phone up for a free consultation to learn what your increase in take home pay will be. Get ready to earn smarter, live better.

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for agencies

Want to spend more time making placements?

We’re proud to help our partner agencies to greater profits – we’ve achieved big results for blue-chip agencies and we’d love to do the same for you. Make your business more competitive, leaner and a better proposition to your own clients with a little help from us. We’ve got the know-how to help you realise the true potential of your business – here are a few hassles we’ll take off your shoulders.

We mitigate risk

Forest takes pride in providing a comprehensive suite of workplace insurances for our employees , including Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability and Employer’s Liability – totalling more than £13 million, (so if someone does spill their tea over the server, it’s not the end of the world!)

We save you time

By running and administering the payroll for you, calculating and deducting NI Contributions and PAYE as well. Forest also handles all the statutory reporting to HMRC. P45′s, P11d’s, P60′s… Begone! Crack on with placing candidates and winning new business, leave the admin to us.

Increased margin

By taking the administrative burden off your shoulders, the cost and time associated with running a payroll are greatly reduced. There are also a number of tax-efficiencies that become available once your candidates are working through one of our structures.

We navigate the legislation for you

MSC… 3rd party debt transfer? IR35 and the Agency Workers Regulations? Pensions? Onshore / offshore? What a nightmare… We know you’ve heard of them, but keeping abreast is a full time job – that’s why forest works with some of the top legal minds in the UK to handle all of these concerns for you, leaving you free to actually run your business.

And so ultimately… We add value

Sure, it’s a bold claim, and there are plenty of companies that use the phrase, but with all of the above taken off your plate, you’re free to concentrate on your core business. You’ll realise genuine savings, making your business leaner, more competitive and a better proposition for your clients. Feel free to have a chat about your requirement with our agency experts – you’ll be glad you did.

How does forest help?

  • Increased margin
  • Pension admin
  • Pay advances
  • RTI submissions
  • Outsource payroll (and queries)
  • Online portal
  • SMS pay advice
  • Faster payments
  • £13 million insurances
  • Full employment package
  • Happy candidates

How easy is it?

We easily get you up and running same day. Whether you’re about to place your first temp, or have several hundred candidates and need a fast turnaround, give us a call and experience first hand how we create happy candidates!

Increase my margin