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Local Ant Removal Service

If you are experiencing a pest infestation in your business or home, it is important to take swift action to eliminate the issue. Our team of Forest Group pest controllers are experts in ant removal and can quickly and safely take care of the problem for you. We provide pest control services for businesses of all sizes, so whether you have an infestation in your restaurant or an ants nest in your independent business, we can help. We not only treat the pests, but we also take steps to ensure they do not return.

For ant nests, we use a powder-based insecticide that is spread across the entrances to the nest and the surrounding areas. The worker ants will then take the poison down into the nest, which kills the queen and all of the other ants within the colony.

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Garden Ants

If you see a black ant in your garden or home, don’t worry! These ants are not harmful and are only looking for food. They often build their nests outdoors in the soil or below paving slabs. We can help you to remove the nest and prevent you from having future issues with ants.

Flying Ants

If you spot flying ants, it usually means the start of a new colony. These ants are the fertile male and female ants whose only purpose is to mate and start new colonies elsewhere. So, if you’re experiencing an infestation of flying ants, it’s important to address it as soon as possible. Although they are harmless to humans, flying ants can also be highly irritating as well as very unsightly. The best way to get rid of flying ants is with a professional pest control service.

Red Ants

The red ant is a small, distinctively red creature that is common in gardens. It typically measures 3.5mm in length and lives in colonies that can vary in size. The colonies are made up of several queens, and swarms can take place at any time of the year. These ants eat all types of food, but they are particularly fond of sweet things. Contact Forest Group today to help with your red ant infestation.

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