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Mice control

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Local Mice Control Services

Mice can cause a variety of problems for humans in our homes and properties. Damage to your home and negative effects on your health are some of the reasons you should manage any mouse problems as soon as they arise.

Mice can carry diseases that can be spread to humans easily through their urine, which can contaminate food or their saliva when they take bites out of foods from your cupboards. A mice infestation can spread many diseases.

Mice can also be a nuisance for homeowners, as they can bring in other pests like fleas, which can easily transfer to pets or even people. Additionally, mice can be a nightmare for allergy sufferers, as they are known to leave their allergen in the air.

If you have a mouse infestation in your home, be sure to take action to remediate the situation as soon as possible. Mice can cause significant damage to your property, as their teeth are strong and versatile. The rodents can chew through a variety of materials, including insulation, cardboard, and wood. If a mouse chews through electrical wiring, they can potentially cause a fire hazard by revealing the inner filament of the wire.

How To Spot A Mice Infestation

If you are suspicious of mice in your home, you will likely want to conduct some form of proof before you call out a professional exterminator. This proof can come in the form of seeing the mice yourself, finding droppings or nests, or hearing scurrying in the walls. Once you have gathered this evidence, you can then reach out to a professional mice removal expert to take care of the issue.

Mouse Droppings

If you are finding droppings that are similar in size to a grain of rice, it is likely that you have a professional mouse control issue that requires expert intervention. Mice droppings can be difficult to get rid of on your own, so it is best to consult with a professional who can help you take care of the problem quickly and efficiently.

Scratching Noises

It is important to note that mice make a lot of noise – usually a scratching sound in the night. If you are experiencing a high volume of mouse activity in your home, it is best to contact a professional pest control company for assistance.


Mice will build their nests in numerous places, usually within the wall cavity. They will shred a variety of materials to form these nests, including paper and cardboard. Mice also have a tendency to create new avenues to their nests by gnawing small mice holes in your property. If you find that you have a mouse problem, it is best to address it as soon as possible

Mice Treatment

Mice are treated according to the location of the infestation and level of infestation. The common methods of treating for mice are poisoning or trapping. The poison can be put down in the open (providing there are no children or pets around) in bait trays in the loft, in tamper proof bait boxes internally or externally or in throw packs. We use three types of poisons commonly, all of which are of professional standard.

The mice will need to feed on the poison several times before they die. If mice are entering the building the entry points must be located and sealed off. Do not remove or disturb any bait boxes that may have been used.

Our mice exterminators may sometimes use both poison and traps on-site, depending on the level of infestation. All our treatments are in line with the HSE and British standards. Our professional mouse control treatment is the most effective way to ensure your home receives a full mice eradication.

Where Are Mice Likely To Nest?

When it comes to mouse infestations, prevention is key. By taking a few simple steps, you can create an environment that is unfavorable to mice and reduce the chances of an infestation.

First, identify any areas on your property that could serve as a habitat or breeding ground for mice. These areas may include piles of debris, cluttered storage spaces, or openings where cables or pipes enter the building. Make sure to clean these areas regularly and seal any openings that could provide access into the home.

Additionally, be mindful of what you are bringing into your home. Mice are attracted to food sources, so make sure to keep your kitchen and pantry clean and free of crumbs and spills. If you do have a mouse problem, contact a professional mouse control company for assistance.

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